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We are a Gas-Lift Solutions – we find inefficiencies and strive for production optimisation. Let us help you find what you’ve been missing.  

Our technology products emphasise integration across our products and services and also offer integration with other 3rd party software tools. True valve performance is inherently built-in to our software such that all our well modelling calculations crosscheck against predicted valve performance. Our valve reliability tracking system can help the operator track the life of each gas-lift valve. This is especially meaningful if the operator is using refurbished gas-lift valves.

Our Main Products

Gas Lift Surveillance Tool

Hardware tool to prove operation and uncover problems without risky intervention or loss of production using the patented WellTracer® technology.

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  • Benefits:

    • No Deferment
    • Safe and Simple
    • Accurate
    • Inexpensive
    • Flexible

Gas Lift Surveillance Program

Work group gas-lift surveillance software and data store which model, optimize, and solve problems.

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  • Benefits:

    • Optimization
    • Scalable
    • Increase profitability
    • Real time data analysis
    • Valve stability and Performance

GLV Database®

Work group tracking and inventory software for control of gas-lift equipment.

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  • Tracks life cycle of gas-lift valves

    • Holds inventory of gas-lift valves


    • Holds inventory of gas-lift valves
    • Stores history of gas-lift valves
    • Maintains failure history of gas-lift valves
    • Reports statistics about gas-lift valves
    • Warns when a valve is reused too many times
    • Works with the Automatic Valve Tester from Decker Technology, Inc.
    • Stores test histories
    • Follows API RP 11v7