We understand the entire value chain of gas-lift surveillance and optimisation and have invested extensively to acquire expertise in 3 fundamental critical areas:

  • Gas-Lift Technology (Tool)
  • Gas-Lift Workflow and Processes (Process)
  • Gas-Lift Expertise and Competency (People)

We offer comprehensive one stop centre gas lift optimisation consultation, harmonising the 3 fundamental areas listed above. Our services include training, mentoring, Gas-lift Troubleshooting, Design, and Optimization Services.

Surveillance is a Process, not a Project!  

Operate gas-lift more efficiently. Enable operators to manage wells optimally.

Learn advanced gas-lift concepts using WellTracer®.

Review well models as a group with industry experts to identify gains and inefficiencies.

Receive WT GLUE model, detailed reports, and expert measurable recommendations with WellTracer® surveys to optimize well production and remedy problems identified.

Collect survey data which can identify problems from a site report. Use industry proven technologies to monitor well performance.

Free up resources and direct efforts via a tailored surveillance process created by industry experts to leverage best practices.

Develop surveillance process while saving money from having to develop this expertise. Take advantage of our decades of combined lift-gas expertise.

Reduce the need for experienced staff to run an entire field, leveraging lessons learned from other operators.

Benefit of Doing Well Tracer

Presented at 37th Gas-Lift Workshop Houston, Texas, USA – February 3rd – 7th, 2014.

251 Wells Surveyed

wells were Over-injecting GLG
lifting at deepest valve
lifting Shallower than optimal location

229 recommendations made. 72 recommendation follow-ups completed.

Types of Recommendations: Multi-Rate Testing, Reduce GLG Injection Rate, Increase GLG Injection Rate, GL Re-Design, Install Pack-off’s, Install button orifice, Replace IPO/PPO with Orifice for single point injection

Increase in production once Recommendations completed
Recommendations made were followed-up on