About AppSmiths

AppSmiths has assembled a highly talented team of optimization and engineering specialists whose depth of expertise and knowledge enable us to address hidden inefficiencies achieving optimal control of your assets, enabling safer operations, and maximizing production.

In 1993, AppSmiths was founded in Houston to develop a gas-lift design and optimization software tool for Shell Oil Company. Five years later, this solution (WinGLUE®) became commercially available outside of their primary client and was introduced to the marketplace. The company's petroleum engineering software tools enable oil and gas operators and engineers to design, model, and optimize an integrated production system. Oil and gas companies globally have adopted the software and many standardized on the technology. Fast forward to today, other cutting-edge technologies have been successfully commercialized with new technologies and research and development as a top business strategy. AppSmiths' innovative digtal and hardware tools, vast domain knowledge, and focused approach to solving customer's most challenging production problems, have driven the success of the company to date and will provide the power and focus to solve tomorrows' production challenges

AppSmiths has delivered gas-lift technology, consulting, and training to international operators, National Oil Companies (NOCs), Independent Oil Companies (IOCs) and small domestic operators since 1993.

With offices in Texas, Oman, and Malaysia, we deliver results that positively impact production and an oil company's bottom line.