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Maximize Production & Efficiency

Gain Control

Safe Operation

Achieve payout quickly. Ensure efficient use of resources with measurable gains.

Know where to invest. Identify problems. Ensure optimal operation. Uncover hidden value.

Reduce HSE exposure and ensure operation of assets.

Track Everything

Observe Orient, Detect, and Act to operate efficiently and safely with a dedicated surveillance team familiar with your wells and operations.  Leverage industry best practices. Employ people, process, and tools perfected at the major oil companies.

Optimize Performance  Increase production using WT GLUE and our work group surveillance software. Receive a WT GLUE well model, detailed reports, and expert recommendations with WellTracer® surveys.  Make use of well history, measured, and real time data to realize gains to save resources and time.
Measure Operation Prove operation and uncover problems without risky intervention or loss of production using the patented WellTracer® service.
Decide and Act Review well models as a group with industry experts.  Quantify gains and efficiencies, and improve organizational capability mentoring on your current operations.
Improve Staff Receive training and mentoring in the operations and processes used by majors.
Planning Document existing processes. Tailor surveillance procedures to your operations.
Manage Safety Reduce risk of data collection by avoiding intervention. Identify safety issues in operation of the well.



WT WellTracer®

Hardware tool to prove operation and uncover problems without risky intervention or loss of production using the patented WellTracer® technology.
WT GLUE Work group gas-lift surveillance software and data store which model, optimize, and solve problems.

WT Valve Track

Work group tracking and inventory software for control of gas-lift equipment.

Basic Operator Gas-Lift Training

Operate gas-lift more efficiently. Enable operators to manage wells optimally.
Advanced Gas-Lift Training
Learn advanced gas-lift concepts using WellTracer®.

WT Well Reviews

Review well models as a group with industry experts to identify gains and inefficiencies.

WT WellTracer® Analysis

Receive WT GLUE model, detailed reports, and expert measurable recommendations with WellTracer® surveys to optimize well production and remedy  problems identified.
WT WellTracer® Data Collection (includes Fluid Level Shot) Collect survey data which can identify problems from a site report.  Use industry proven technologies to monitor well performance.

Surveillance Plan

Free up resources and direct efforts via a tailored surveillance process created by industry experts to leverage best practices.

Gas-lift Consulting

Develop surveillance process while saving money from having to develop this expertise. Take advantage of our decades of combined lift-gas expertise.

Gas Lift Tech Team

Reduce the need for experienced staff to run an entire field, leveraging lessons learned from other operators.